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Upgraded Energy Card (Download SOCAR Geo app from Google Play or App Store)


3 main functions:

Cumulative function: while paying cash client collects 3 points per each purchased liter, while paying with energy card – 6 points. So you double the amount of collected points, if you charge money on energy card and pay by it.

1 point=1 tetri

The points can be exchanged in fuel and in Socar stores.

The savings regime:
Nano Premium, Nano Euro Regular, Nano Diesel, Nano Euro Diesel -20 tetri
Nano Super -14 tetri (week-end),  -9 tetri work days.


Cube/month                   Discount/tetri                             points

<100                                       3                                             2

101-200                                   5                                             2

201-300                                   7                                             2

301<                                       9                                             2

Payment regime:  If you buy fuel with energy card, you will no longer need cash and bank card when visiting the fuel station. Use a mobile application SOCAR or SOCAR web site - sgp.ge to charge money on your energy card.

Please visit our petrol stations щк service centers to get your Energy Card

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