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Euro 2020 Baku (quarter final)

From February to May 25, each month the most active users of Nano Euro Regular and Natural Gas will receive 2 tickets of Euro 2020 quarter-final.

The terms of the contest are valid only for new Energy Card users.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Where and when will the Euro 2020 quarter-final take place?

The match will be held on July 4, in Baku.

2. Where can I find information about the fuel consumption?

Fuel consumption control is possible through the personal cabinet at www.sgp.ge or through the Application Socar Geo. Information is also available at any Socar service center or hotline *0001.



3. Where can I see the current month's rating?

If you are in the top 100 of this month's ranking, your rating will appear in the personal cabinet www.sgp.ge  or in the application  Socar Geo. If you're not in the top 100, your rating won't appear.

4. How many winners will be revealed in total?

8 winners will be revealed in 4 months. Each month winners will be awarded with 2 tickets - 1 winner between Nano Euro Regulars users and 1 winner between Natural Gas users.

5. When will the winners of the month be revealed and where?

Information about the winners of the last month will be announced on the 1st of each month on the official Facebook page SOCAR and website www.sgp.ge. Employees of  SOCAR will contact the winners. Please make sure we have your correct contact information. You can check your personal information at personal cabinet www.sgp.ge, at the application Socar Geo, at any Socar service center or hotline number * 0001.

6. Is the current month's fuel history moving to the next month?

Current month's fuel consumption history does not move to the following month. Fuel consumption is counted from the 1st to the last day of each calendar month, except for May. The deadline for calculating fuel consumption is May 25.

7. Who can not participate in the competition?

Employees of the SOCAR Group can not participate in the competition. Also corporate clients and holders of special energy cards within corporate offers those who enjoy non-standard discounts.

8. What happens if contacting the winner is impossible?

Company will contact the winner via sms, app or phone. If the contact is unavailable the winner has 24 hours to contact the company via the hot line *0001.

The prize goes to next person in ranking after 24 hours.