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Upgraded Energy Card with 3 main functions (Download SOCAR Geo app from Google Play or App Store):


CNG consumers have the opportunity to enjoy a discount of 7 to 10 tetri.

Cubic Meter per Month   Discount (Tetri) 
 ≤100      5
 101-200*      7
 201-300      9
 ≥301     10

* According to current promotion, customers will enjoy a special discount until the end of 2021.

Cumulative function:

While paying with cash or bank card, you can earn 3 points for every liter of gasoline and diesel purchased. The point accumulation does not function during natural gas purchase. If you charge money on energy card and buy gasoline or diesel online in advance, you can earn 6 points per liter.

1 point=1 tetri

Accumulated points can be exchanged online through the application (SOCAR Geo) and the website (www.sgp.ge), at SOCAR service centers, or at SOCAR's petrol stations where client has to submit energy card and ID card. Points can be spent on fuel, utilities or for topping-up mobile balance. The points accumulated on the energy card are valid and can be used until the end of next year.

Paying regime:

If you buy fuel online, in advance with energy card, you will no longer need cash and bank card when visiting the fuel station. Use a mobile application SOCAR Geo or SOCAR web site – www.sgp.ge to charge money on your energy card.

Hotline for additional information: *0001