20 Tetri discount on Diesel in the SOCAR

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From February 26 to March 31, there will be a 20 tetri discount on Diesel at any "SOCAR" petrol stations throughout the country. The promotion is valid for both, with "Nano" additive and standard - "Euro 5 Diesel".

Instead of a 20 tetri, a 25 tetri discount is valid on Fridays and Saturdays. All those, who already have an energy card were automatically included in the campaign, while those users who do not have an Energy Card, will be able to open one for free at any "SOCAR" petrol station and service centers.

Energy Card is SOCAR's loyalty program, where users can collect points and exchange them for fuel or any product from the Way-Mart market chain. For each liter of fuel filled, 3 points are collected on the customer's card, where 1 point = 1 Tetri.

Starting from April 1st, the LEVEL system will be activated for the diesel discount, where the amount of fuel used determines the volume of the discount. If the customer fills at least 150 liters of Diesel in March, the mentioned discount will continue in April as well; otherwise, they will revert to the standard discount of 10 tetri.

Since 2023, "SOCAR" has been an importer of the highest quality Euro 5 standard Diesel. In addition to Georgia, "SOCAR" operates in Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.