Socar's Idea Contest is over

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SOCAR’s contest among its employees has ended. The contest aimed to find best ideas on how to improve the company’s work in three main categories: marketing, processes, and CSR.

Participants had to go through three stages of the contest. At the first stage they have provided their ideas, while the ones who made it to the second stage presented their detailed projects to the jury.

Winners were named by a jury consisting of SOCAR's top-management team at the end of the 3rd stage.

1st place and the prize of 2500 GEL went to Natik Kasanov and Jambulat Abdulaev. Idosh Aliev has claimed the 2nd prize of 2000 GEL, while 3rd place Tatia Tikurishvili was awarded 1500 GEL

Winners will have an opportunity to participate in the process of bringing their ideas to life.