CarBox - Collection of gifts for licensed taxi drivers

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CarBox - The special gift for licensed taxi drivers was created by SOCAR Georgia Petroleum, Greenway, and Amboli. CarBox is a collection of goods for drivers consisting of coupons  and discount cards.

Licensed taxi drivers can acquire the Carbox at SOCAR's Service centers in Tbilisi or after completing the vehicle inspection at Greenway. Necessary documentation consists of just the  driver's ID and vehicle license. 

SOCAR's Special Energy Card is provided with the CarBox. Special Energy Card is a discount card that allows its owner to purchase petrol and diesel wit 20 tetri discount per liter while accumulating 3 tetri at the balance (6 tetri in case of online purchase), while CNG users enjoy 10 tetri discount. 

Gifts from Amboli consists of a 30% discount for purchasing the vehicle brake shoes and an additional 1 liter of oil for every 3 liters of oil bought. Washing service network Greenwash coupons are included in CarBox as well. 

You can visit SOCAR Georgia Petroleum's service centers at:

  • Tsintsadze str. #55
  • Marshal Gelovani Avenue (Near the statue of David the Builder)
  • Airports Service Center (near the Ministry of Interior Affairs)

For the list of Greenway service centers please visit:

Discounts are valid for customers who purchase at least 100 liters of petrol/diesel or 80 cubes of CNG per month.