Depends on a companion!

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With the campaign " Depends on a companion " Socar wants to show how big a place seemingly invisible people have in our lives. "Socar" itself is a guide for each and every driver and understands the importance of taking care of people very well. That is why the video campaign emphasizes the role of the people sitting next to the driver, in the passenger seat.
From here came the idea of ​​a wider campaign - understanding the importance of professional guides in our lives - people who work every day to create journeys and adventures for other people. As a part of the campaign, 5 advertising videos were created, in which stories about good companions are told both directly and indirectly. It is also interesting that the video clips, at first, remind us of a classic car advertisement, where the focus is mainly on the people sitting behind the wheel. "Socar" focuses on those who sit next to the driver.
The goal of "Socar" is to let everyone know that it also depends on a companion.